Writers often get their story inspirations from writing what they know…and Nicki Night knows New York. Born and raised in the great state, she found writing success in romance grounded in home and family. She has stopped by Diverse Romance today to share with us the details of her journey to Harlequin, the highs, lows, and the source of her page-turning tales.

Tell us about your writing journey.

I’d been writing for a long, long time and have written almost everything there is to write. I became intrigued by romance and decided to give it a try. At a romance conference, I pitched my story idea for The Barrington Brothers to an editor at Harlequin and week later was offered my first deal.

Attending romance conferences is such a great way for authors to get their stories in front of editors. What sparked the idea for your Chandler series?

I’m a born and bred New Yorker and love writing stories in and around New York. The concept of the Chandlers came to me when Harlequin offered me a second book deal and I wanted to write about a family that owned a consumer goods company. I love food and much of my family gatherings are all around food, so I thought it would be great to have this family, who hails from my mother’s home town in South Carolina, own a food business. It has really been lots of fun.

The South is practically synonymous with food sounds like an intriguing story. Tells us more about the Chandlers and your latest release.

Desire in a Kiss is my latest release. It’s Christian Chandler’s story. Chris is the only boy in the family clan with three sisters. Each has their own story. I’ve always been curious about online dating and asked a question to my friends on Facebook about whether or not they would engage in online dating. Also a close friend had just begun to date a gentleman that she’d met online. This inspired me to tell a story about a couple who met online and talk about the successes and fears of online dating.

Great inspiration. Give us five words that describe Desire…and what do you hope readers get from the story.

Sexy, inspiring, surprising, romantic, and passionate. I want readers to enjoy exploring love while being safe.

In almost every book I’ve written, I’ve had a favorite line. Share one of the favorite lines you’ve written.

This is from a book prior but I loved when one of my characters told his heroine, “I’m gonna make you love me.”

If Desire in a Kiss had a soundtrack, what would be the first three songs?

I Want To Be Your Lover, I Want to be Your Man, and Computer Love.

All right now. Makes me want to turn on the iPod. Switching gears, tell us about your writing space and your daily routine.

I have two writing spaces. One is my home office, which I have renamed, my “Writing Studio” because it sounds cool and kind of elegant. Plus it’s where I create my art so studio is fitting, besides being over the top. I love over the top, by the way. My ‘Studio’ is filled with books, art, images, and textiles from various aspects of my journey as a writer. It’s cozy and with a large l-shaped desk. I sit facing the window so I can be inspired by natural light. I love my space. When I’m not writing there, I go to Starbucks, which is also fun. I call the other patrons my ‘co-workers’ since we’re mostly there to work. I often talk about them on social media or add aspects of them to my writing.

Writing can be such a rollercoaster, filled with ups and downs. What’s one of your favorite reviews you’ve ever received? How did it impact you?

The most touching reviews I’ve ever received was an email from a woman who said that my books inspired her to hope. That’s it. The moved me.

What has been the high point of your career, so far?

Hm. Being nominated for awards. I don’t write for award recognition but it certainly feels great to be acknowledged

Lows in this business are inevitable. What’s your biggest struggle? And how do/did you handle it?

My biggest struggle is having enough time to write. I do so many other things and maintain a hectic schedule. I love all that I do and it’s hard to put things aside. I get through it, though.

What was the low point of your career? And how did you handle it?

I often get great reviews for my books. I got one bad review and a friend and fellow author had to talk me off the ledge. It actually made me question my writing and ponder if I wanted to continue. With all the time you spend writing and crafting these characters, your books are like your babies when they are complete. I felt like this reviewer was insulting my child. I have a great network of friends who are also authors, they share their bad reviews with me and reminded me that everyone gets one, even the best writers and the I wasn’t alone. I’ve developed much thicker skin since then and completely understand the reading is very subjective. I’m also in an MFA program and now have my work critiqued constantly. I’m used to feedback now, whether it’s good or critical.

One of the best things we can do with the blessings we receive as authors is pay it forward. Give us the name of a diverse author you’ve read that you would highly recommend to readers.

Lalita Tademy. In addition to romance, I love literary fiction and she’s writing two of my favorite books.

What’s next for your writing career?

More writing. More romances, and other genres.

What’s your favorite book on the writing craft?

The Emotional Thesaurus. I love that book!

What is something your readers don’t know about you that you wish they would?

I’m almost an open book, especially for those who follow me on Facebook. However, as much as I post, I try to keep my private like…well, private. One thing I would like for people to know is that I love teaching writing. Besides writing books, I could spend my entire days teaching writing.

Sounds like a great plan. Tell us how can we find you online?

I’m on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter. Also, my website is being revamped and I plan to launch the new look by April 1st. When the time comes, check out NickiNight.com

Nicki, thank you so much for joining us on Diverse Romance today. Please check out her latest releases in contemporary romance.