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Latina Romance Author Mia Sosa: From Practiced to Published

Like many romance authors, Mia Sosa’s affair with the genre began as an early reader. Her love of story evolved into a passion for writing, driving her to abandon her decade-long career as an attorney and consume herself with the craft full-time. It was a gamble, but...

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Vash Karuppa: Romance with a South Indian Flair

Which comes first--your voice or your niche? Author Vash Karuppa found both through a writing hobby that became a passion. Her debut romance, Destiny for Love Arranged, delivers an engaging romance that delves into the bonds of family, friendship, and South African...

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Lynn Turner: From STEM to Romance

Writing is a calling. No matter how circuitous the route you take, life will always find a way to bring you back to it. This is the case with Lynn Turner, author of ballet romance Pas De Deux: A Dance for Two. Her journey took her from retelling Huckleberry Finn's...

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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African Author Empi Baryeh: A Case of Persistence

West African Author Empi Baryeh has been putting word-to-paper and work-to-dream for two decades off and on. That's a long time. A few setbacks early in her career weren't enough to stop this now award-winning writer from selling and publishing her novel in 2011....

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Jamaican Author J.L. Campbell: From the Caribbean with Love

The path from writer to published author is rarely a short, straight line. It’s usually long, winding, and replete with fits and starts and the challenges of finding the right balance between life and “the calling.”  J.L. Campbell’s love of writing and a dogged...

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Nicki Night: A New York Romance with Writing

Writers often get their story inspirations from writing what they know…and Nicki Night knows New York. Born and raised in the great state, she found writing success in romance grounded in home and family. She has stopped by Diverse Romance today to share with us the...

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Lisa Y. Watson: A “Conventional” Path to Writing Romance

Writers find their stories and characters in different ways. Lisa Y. Watson’s path to becoming an author began with a 80s TV show and a whisper from the universe urging her to attend a romance convention. That's where she dared to accept an offer to co-write a book....

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Read Love Reviews: 100 Words on Beverly Jenkins’ TEMPEST

Contemporary Romance Addicts! Two words describe the reason you’ll fall in love with historical romance: Beverly Jenkins. Simply masterful. Whatever misperceptions you’ve got about historicals—they’ll vanish with one read. I’d call Tempest, “How to get...

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Elle Wright: Love, Loss, and the Edge of Scandal

For Elle Wright, finding love after loss is a driving theme, both in her new Wellsprings series novel, Touched by You and in her life. After discovering her passion for romance writing and landing her first publishing deal with Grand Central for the debut novel we now...

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Priscilla Oliveras: Latinx Love, Romance, and Familia

Sometimes sharing the diversity of your truth can lead you to success in the publishing industry, a reality for Latina author Priscilla Oliveras. Early in her career, she embraced the industry's grain instead of embracing the uniqueness of her heritage--something that...

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Keith Thomas Walker: A Man’s Take on Romance

While romance fiction is widely loved and enjoyed by women authors and readers, fewer men have embraced the genre, some writing under pseudonyms to conceal their real identities and better appeal to female audiences. Keith Thomas Walker fought past his misperceptions...

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“We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color.” ~ Maya Angelou

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