Welcome to Diverse Romance!

Imagine being able to find romance stories across a wide range of genres, written by authors from the Caribbean to Asia to America, all in one place. DiverseRomance.com is the place I hope will become that destination.

It’s the result of three parts frustration over my inability to keep up with my favorite writers and one part procrastination as I attempt to dig into my next novel. Mostly, it is a passion project resulting from my love of the art of romance writing and the readers who indulge in our meet-cutes, strife, and happily ever afters.

For those who don’t know me, I’m K.L. Brady, an author of 14 books (most in the romance genre) both traditionally and indie published, an avid reader, and super busy single mom. I’m friends with many authors on Facebook. I don’t know about you, but every time one of my author-friends announces a new book on a social network, it gets lost in the black hole that is my feed or in my timeline, rarely to be heard from again. When my schedule slows down, and I finally have a chance to read, I can never find the book again or remember the title.

So frustrating! I wanted to build a website to capture and showcase these books, not just for my author-friends, but for all diverse romance writers.

There are other sites out there, fantastic sites that have been going much longer than mine. This site will not replace those, but hopefully, it will complement them and provide another much-needed place where readers can visit and discover new books–and a place where I can host blog tour stops, giveaways, release announcements, interviews, and more.

How did I select the initial group of authors? Hours of research and frankly finding the books that I like to read. I narrowed my focus to three key parameters:

  • Books written by diverse authors with similarly diverse main characters involved in romantic relationships.
  • The main characters pursuing the relationship are unmarried, at least at the outset.
  • The story ends in a happily ever after (or something like it).
  • The book has at least a 3-star ratings at the time of posting on this site.

I want readers to know what to expect in the books. That they can close their eyes and click on any random book and it’s going to be something they’ll probably like if they love this genre as much as I do. There’s not a book on this site that I don’t want to read if I haven’t read it. I’m sure the selection will expand over time. I envision this as a living site, an eternal work in progress, which will continuously evolve as I discover new authors and as readers and authors recommend new writers, content, and genres.

My greatest hope is that this site will help at least one reader step out of a comfort zone to explore different cultures, ideas, romance genres, and authors–and read love in all of its shades and colors.

Enjoy your visit and contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions at Karla (at) diverse-books (dot) com.